A new beginning

Countdown to phase 2!

New Culture Hub in Burlington

whats super cool about the new building

Office space

Community for creative & interesting people

Presentation space, workshops & labs

Large production studios

24/7 hour access

Meeting spaces

What are we working on

milestones as we prepare our new home

Posted Nov 13

Welcome to our temporary landing page. Once we complete our rebranding process and settle on a new name we will launch a brand new interactive website. Existing Hive members can still login here to book meeting space.

Posted Nov 14

The studios will blow your mind!

Posted Nov 16

We had a very productive meeting with our architect, construction company & branding company. New design concepts were revealed and now we are just fine tuning them. We will be able to share renderings soon, and start construction soon. Stay tuned!

Posted Nov 20

Contact us for more details.

Posted Nov 21

We have reserved the entire back row for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and is offering our members a chance to come watch it with us on Friday, December 15th @ 12:15pm. Contact us for more details.

Posted Dec 27

New flooring & new furnture as arrived at the new location!

Posted Dec 31

We moved everything out of 901 Guelph Line. Time to say goodbye to Hive 2.0. Thanks for everyone who helped us with the big move!

Posted Jan 1

Check out our new Atrium Piatza. This will become the hub of the building once renovations are complete. Contact us for more details.

Posted Jan 2

Phase 1 is open for business! Contact us for more details.

Posted Jan 2

Some members are starting to settle in to start the new year. Contact us for more details.

Posted Feb 11

Phase 2 of our renovation project is expected to be completed by March 1st. THis will open up another 2,500 square feet for hot desks and private offices. Only one private office is available! Contact us for more details.

Posted Feb 12

We have almost finalized our re-branding process. Our new name will be revealed soon! Contact us for more details.

Posted Feb 13

We are hosting our first monthly Lunch n' Learn community meeting in our new space on Wednesday, February 21st @ noon. We'll provide food & snacks. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and meet other members. Hope to see you there! Contact us for more details.

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