5 Things A Good Coworker Would Never Do (in Their Coworking Space)

Coworking is not all ping-pong and pizza every day. There are actually entrepreneurs and startups getting shit done in coworking spaces. So there are some unwritten rules that need to be spoken of so that the people who want to change the world are able to do so.

To the contrary, here’s a quick and powerful list of things NOT to do if you spend your days with your laptop within the walls of your local coworking space.

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Evolution is Evolution

As humans, we require plenty of work before we are able to survive on our own. We are a species that requires the care of another for years before we can go it alone. We do not come out of the womb running… We don’t even come out of the womb walking or crawling. We begin as adorable, helpless beings.

But that does not in any case mean we are considered a failure before we can walk...

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Guest Blogger - James Bosma and his 5 Reasons Why He Loves Co-Working

In our first guest blog, HiVE member James Bosma writes about why he loves co-working at the Halton HiVE...

Three years ago, when I started Lift Communications, I was working from my dining room table. I’ve had jobs in the past where working from home was an option, but I never felt that I was as productive as I could be. There were always too many distractions — whether it was folding the laundry and doing dishes...

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Cotivation Meetup

At Halton HiVE, we know you're all doing awesome work, but we also know that we can all use a little goal re-set motivation from time to time. That's why we've decided to hold our first ever accountability group...

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